Investigative Professionals

Since 1994, we have conducted thorough background investigations on individuals and businesses for a range of clients, including employers, property owners/managers, company executives, financial institutions, universities and law firms

Investigative Professionals employs professional database search personnel and qualified onsite representatives who monitor courthouses nationwide. They are qualified and proficient at accessing records at all levels of government.

Investigative Professionals LLC performs employee background investigations that meet the most stringent requirements of local, state and federal government bid specifications. Our clients are the beneficiaries of our access to the most extensive and current public records, proprietary databases and all civil and criminal court records.

When engaging the services of Investigative Professionals, you can be confident that our professional search personnel will utilize all current investigative techniques in the process of compiling your background check or business background reports.

Background and business reports are routinely returned within a few hours of submission, normally on the same day.

Personal consultation is available by email or telephone. An assigned consultant will be ready to answer all your questions and clarify procedures. If additional information is required, that consultant will work directly with you as needed.

Investigative Professionals, national information providers, offers expert compiled reports and a vast menu of individual database searches: comprehensive up-to date information essential for making smart business decisions.

To learn more about Investigative Professional and our backgound screening products, please visit our website.